Monday thought of the week: explorers

A thought:

Children are natural explorers. They have the true explorer’s interest in their immediate surroundings as well as in faraway places, and they are eager to know why things are as they are… You can be a fellow explorer, too, enriching your own life as well as your child’s. As you look back on your own early years, you may recall the first time you noticed a bud opening into a flower, a bird building its nest, two colonies of ants battling each other. You may remember that such intimate glimpses of nature gave you a real thrill. Now, as a parent, you can find still more pleasure in learning about the ways of animals and the wonders of plants as you share your observing with your child. No need to go on a safari through Central Africa – delightful discoveries await you in your own back yard, in city parks and suburban gardens, along forest trails where you may hike, and by the side of lakes and streams or the ocean where you may vacation.

Dorothy Edwards Shuttlesworth, Exploring Nature With Your Child: an Introduction to the Enjoyment and Understanding of Nature for All (New York: Greystone Press, 1952), p. 17

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