The Evergreen Twins Activity Book

The EverGreen Twins Activity Book: 40+ Eco-Activities, Games, and Outdoor Adventures

Local educator Rick Reynolds has published an environmental education activity book for children, with “40+ Eco-Activities, Games, and Outdoor Activities.” We’ve seen The Evergreen Twins Activity Book for sale at Thinker Toys and the gift shop at Tryon Creek State Park, and my wife bought us a copy she found at a book sale. I was delighted one afternoon to see – at our local park while half the kids were on the playground and the other half in the skate park – a young girl with a copy of the book, seemingly immersed in reading it and doing an activity:

Girl reading nature book in park

And just for fun, here’s a picture of Patrick reading a book about dinosaurs in the park, on another day:

Reading in the park

Learn more about the book here.

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