Monday thought of the week: a day to serve

Today Patrick and I intended to go to Tryon Creek State Park for a service day in honor of Martin Luther King, Jr. Day, to pull invasive plants that choke out native ones (English Ivy, mainly). However, we realized the bus would not get us there, and as it snowed all day yesterday (really!), we’re going to have a quiet day home instead (mommy is at work). At this moment, he’s bundled up and playing in the snow in our backyard.

A thought, appropriate for MLK, JR. Day:

It’s important to remember that Martin Luther King Jr. led a movement that was driven with little rest toward a vision of equality and justice to benefit everyoneIn the spirit of King’s work, celebrating his birthday as a day of service to address the practical, environmental, and spiritual needs of our community makes every bit of sense.

– Outdoor Afro, “Martin Luther King, Jr. Day: Not What it Used to Be” (January 15, 2011)

Richard Louv also has a relevant piece, from December, The Forgotten Human Right: “Do children – do all of us – have a right to meaningful connection to the natural world? Annelies Henstra, a Dutch human rights attorney, thinks so. She calls it the ‘forgotten human right.’ In the March 2009 issue of Orion Magazine, and then in a more detailed chapter in ‘The Nature Principle,’ I sketched out a case for that right; not as legal argument, but as moral stance. And I emphasized that this birthright is accompanied by a responsibility to protect and care for the natural world.”

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2 Responses to Monday thought of the week: a day to serve

  1. Rue Mapp says:

    Thanks so much for the mention and very grateful for all your work to connect families with nature!


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