Monday thought of the week: natural naturalists

A thought:

In order to live with the environment, modern society should have appreciation, care, and concern for natural forces and beings. There is no better way to foster these attitudes than with our children, who have innate senses of curiosity and wonder. They are natural naturalists, and we adults have only to encourage this talent. Hold a small hand while quietly watching clouds tinged like flames of orange and red in an evening sky, and feelings of awe will be shared. Pick up litter in a neighborhood park with a group of small helpers, and feelings of responsibility will grow. Take care that feet, both small and large, carefully step around a colony of ants, and attitudes of reverence for all life will be nourished.

– Edith A. Sisson, Nature With Children of All Ages (Englewood Cliffs, NJ: Prentice Hall, 1982), p. vii (preface)

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