Spring Break Week 2012

I am off of work all this week because of Patrick’s spring break. Lucky me! Here is what we plan on doing to keep us busy and connected to nature:

Monday – Whale watching week in Cannon Beach

Tuesday – Patrick will spend four hours at a day camp at Tryon Creek State Park (), all about salamanders

Wednesday – a science of light program at Capitol Hill branch of Multnomah County Library, from 2 to 4pm

Thursday – a nature walk at Oaks Bottom Wildlife Refuge () in the morning with friends Sarah and Miles, and from 1 to 3pm possibly heading to the Tualatin River National Wildlife Refuge () for their spring break Exploration Days

Friday – a Ladybug Nature Walk at Maricara Natural Area () in our neighborhood from 10 to 11am, then off with mommy for lunch out and to OMSI to see the Lego sculpture exhibit and new exhibit about animal intelligence

Saturday – I work

Sunday – 2012 Trillium Festival at Tryon Creek State Park

What do you have planned for spring break week?


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1 Response to Spring Break Week 2012

  1. For my spring break week I plan on being jealous of your spring break week. Oh, and working, working, working…

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