Upcoming nature events this week

Be sure to check Laura’s grand list for May, there’s some nature learning to be had!

May 7 – “The Dynamic Geological History of Oregon” (Mission OE History Night, Mission Theater | Monday, May 7, 6 p.m. doors, 7 p.m. show | Free | Minor with parent or guardian): “A lively “how and why” examination of some of Oregon’s most intriguing geological features, including Fort Rock, Steens Mountains, Hole in the Ground, Crater Lake, the John Day Fossil Beds, and Bay Ocean (the city that fell into the ocean). Presented by Scott Burns, Professor of Geology, Portland State University.” link

May 8 – “Birdsong and Birdbrains”, Tuesday, May 8, 7PM, Audubon Society of Portland, 5151 NW Cornell Rd., Pdx. Free. “It’s spring at last! The songbirds are singing! Do you ever wonder why? Or how they learn their songs? Did you know that birds are among the very few animals that are capable of learning to vocalize? Renowned neuroscientist and animal behaviorist Dr. Claudio Mello will talk about the singing behavior of songbirds – which is often very complex – and the way birds’ brains control their song production and learning. His research provides not only fascinating insight into songbird behavior, but also has many implications for understanding the origins and function of brain areas that control speech in the human brain. Dr. Mello will augment his presentation (and illuminate his audience) with audio recordings of birdsong, and photos and video of songbird behavior.” link

May 8 – Rachel Carson documentary (I shared about this here)

May 9 – “Burrowing Owls”, Wednesday, May 9, reception at 6PM, presentation at 6:30PM, Ecotrust Building, Billy Frank Jr. Conference Center, 721 NW 9th Ave., Pdx. Free. Preregistration required; register online http://www.owhf.org/burrowingowls. “Burrowing owls are the only North American owl to live underground. It is found in dry, open areas with low vegetation where prairie dogs, ground squirrels, or other underground dwellers often reside. It was once broadly distributed throughout western North America but its numbers have declined steeply over the last thirty years. Please join us on Wednesday, May 9th, for a presentation on burrowing owls in NE Oregon. Nick Myatt, Wildlife Biologist with ODFW, will discuss the owl and its life history, factors influencing the decline of the owl, and research currently underway to better understand the owl’s migration using geolocators. We hope you will join us to learn more about this fascinating animal.” link

May 10 – “Celebration of Outdoor School” at Portland City Hall, May 10th at 4:30: “Let’s celebrate Outdoor School and show Portland why it’s worth saving! Join other students, teachers, and parents, as well as elected officials and community leaders for a celebration of Outdoor School on the steps of City Hall. We’ll give Portland and the local media an up-close look at why Outdoor School is important, including: *Outdoor School activity stations including pelts, wildlife tracks, plants to test your native plant ID skills, etc. *Wood cookie name tag making *Record your video message to the School Board on what Outdoor School means to you *And …. the “Banana slug kissing booth.” In addition, we will have exciting new funding news to announce that should make it easier than ever for Portland schools to keep Outdoor School alive! Feel free to make signs if you’d like but we’ll have some as well. This will also be a great time to meet up with other Outdoor School supporters planning to attend the May 11th UPSET rally and march against Portland Public Schools budget cuts. Contact portlandersforODS@ymail.com with any questions and we hope to see you there!”

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