Befriending a Mason Bee

The other day while Patrick and I were weeding in our front yard, he pulled from my bucket of weeds an insect. At first I though it was a bee, then I second guessed myself and thought it might be a fly that mimics a bee in coloration and look. The Bug Chicks confirmed for me that it is indeed a bee, a mason bee. Folks use mason bees to assist in pollinating their gardens (you can read about it in this post from The Nature of Portland). So, here’s Patrick enjoying some one-on-one time with this gentle, little creature:

Mason Bee

Mason Bee

Mason Bee

Mason Bee

Mason Bee

Mason Bee

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3 Responses to Befriending a Mason Bee

  1. pdxnaturenut says:

    That’s so great! The few Mason bees I got as a starter pack this year have already stopped flying. I’m hoping I have some cocoons to get me going next year. I never got to hold any of mine though – that’s very cool. Thanks for the mention!

  2. Renee Crowell says:

    That’s so sweet!

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