Forest Park Conservancy’s New Discovery Hikes for Kids

The Forest Park Conservancy has begun a new series of hikes for kids:

Hike, draw, write, dance! Explore Forest Park’s lush urban wilderness this summer through our new series of Discovery Hikes for Kids. Hug the tallest tree in Portland, hear the story of the Stone House, learn about the parts of a tree and the differences between native plants and nasty weeds, all within Portland’s backyard wilderness, Forest Park.

We’ll go on scavenger hunts, tap our collective creativity, and use all five senses to investigate the amazing natural world of Forest Park! For elementary and middle school-age kids.

All hikes are free for current members of the Forest Park Conservancy. Regular prices: $10 per adult, $6 per child (age 6+), $30 per family of four. Each hike covers at least 1.5 miles of trails and includes individual and group activities. For dates, times, locations & reservations, just click here!

You can register for hikes here.

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