BOOK REVIEW: Nurture Nature and other activity books from Bamboo River Press

Several children’s coloring and activity books from Bamboo River Press – Nurture Nature, Oregon is Fun! Rain or Sun!, and Healthy & Fun Choices! – provide the opportunity for Oregon children to have fun while learning about healthy living, exploration of nature, and all about their home state. They are written and illustrated by Kirsten E. Klug (Bamboo River Press/Bamboo River Marketing/Healthy & Fun Choices), “a speaker and workshop facilitator teaching others how to make choices that positively effect how they interact, connect, eat, communicate, exercise and play.”

Nurture Nature encourages children to get outside (hear hear!) and explore their natural surroundings. Activities in the book include observing weather, using one’s senses, ways to take care of the planet, observations during a hike, the growth process of plants, and much more. The illustrations of warm and attractive to young eyes while not appearing too cartoony. On the inside cover, Klug shares a Native American proverb: “We do not inherit the earth from our ancestors, we borrow it from our children.” Too true, and with Nurture Nature hopefully some kids will grow into environmentally-conscious adults, having respect for their natural world.

Oregon is Fun! Rain or Sun! opens up the diversity of the state of Oregon to young readers. They can learn about the Oregon state animals, favorite indoor activities (like museums), are encouraged to explore parks and water places throughout the state while using different modes of transportation. There are also pages to describe some adventures they went on. “This book is dedicated to all the children, big and small, who are lucky to call Oregon home,” Klug writes. Lucky we are, indeed!

Healthy & Fun Choices! asks children and adults alike to make choices. “I believe that the choices we make for our children, while also educating them about the choices they make for themselves, will help them live happier, more fulfilling lives.” Children have the opportunity to think about who they are and some of their favorite things, learn about healthy teeth brushing, are encouraged to play sports, and learn to appreciate the world in which they live. Healthy eating habits, a love of reading, and living a respectful life are all encouraged as well.

Patrick enjoys these activity books very much. You can purchase them here, or you can find them at select locations in Oregon: Learning Palace, Powell’s, Made in Oregon stores or New Seasons. We received review copies directly from Kirsten Klug when we met her at the 2012 Better Living Home, Garden & Lifestyle Show last March.

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