My new job (besides Afton, of course)

I don’t believe I have mentioned here yet that I have a new job. If you’re friends with me on Facebook, you probably know. Since the third week in August I have been working as the weekend supervisor at the Nature Park Interpretive Center at Tualatin Hills Nature Park (part of the Tualatin Hills Park and Recreation District) in Beaverton, OR. Essentially, I answer phones, ring up purchases from the nature store, help district patrons register for classes, assist patrons in the nature center, assist other staff with projects, and most of all, talk to visitors about their time spent in the nature park. Quite nice, I think. Oh, and I get to post on the Facebook page too while I am there. My kind of job. Especially if a sight like this is just part of a normal day:

Deer just outside the back door of the Nature Center.

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5 Responses to My new job (besides Afton, of course)

  1. Very cool job, indeed, Michael! Was going to invite you and your son to come watch some scientific artists out sketching in a different park up that way this weekend, but guess you’ll be busy… I’ll be helping teach a low-key workshop for GNSI folks, scientific illustrators, at Tryon Creek park this coming weekend. Let em know if you’d like more info., though! And congrats on the fun-sounding job! That’s a great park, too… our book was there, and I still need to get you a copy!

    • darwinsbulldog says:

      Hi Barbara,

      Thanks for the comment, and thoughts about the events. You can always let me know about things going on, regardless if it is something we’d be able to do or not. And as for the book, yes, I’d like that!

  2. Rene'e Crowell says:

    So happy for you, son! What a beautiful place to work.

  3. darwinsbulldog says:

    And I forgot to mention, all the staff at the Interpretive Center have been very welcoming and accommodating to a new staff member trying to learn so much!

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