BOOK: Birthright: People and Nature in the Modern World

This forthcoming book by Stephen Kellert (who co-edited the Companions in Wonder volume I reviewed earlier this year) might be of interest to some readers of this blog. It will be out in November:

Birthright: People and Nature in the Modern World

Human health and well-being are inextricably linked to nature; our connection to the natural world is part of our biological inheritance. In this engaging book, a pioneer in the field of biophilia—the study of human beings’ inherent affinity for nature—sets forth the first full account of nature’s powerful influence on the quality of our lives. Stephen Kellert asserts that our capacities to think, feel, communicate, create, and find meaning in life all depend upon our relationship to nature. And yet our increasing disconnection and alienation from the natural world reflect how seriously we have undervalued its important role in our lives.

Weaving scientific findings together with personal experiences and perspectives, Kellert explores how our humanity in the most fundamental sense—including our physical health, and capacities for affection, aversion, intellect, control, aesthetics, exploitation, spirituality, and communication are deeply contingent on the quality of our connections to the natural world.  Because of this dependency, the human species has developed over the course of its evolution an inherent need to affiliate with nature.  But, like much of what it means to be human, this inborn tendency must be learned to become fully functional.  In other words, it is a birthright that must be earned. He discusses how we can restore this balance to nature by means of changes in how we raise children, educate ourselves, use land and resources, develop building and community design, practice our ethics, and conduct our everyday lives. Kellert’s moving book provides exactly what is needed now: a fresh understanding of how much our essential humanity relies on being a part of the natural world.

Yale University Press, 264 p. 33 black and white illustrations, Cloth ISBN: 978-0-300-17654-4, $32.50/ £25

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