It’s been fairly quiet here at Exploring Portland’s Natural Areas over the last few months. Given our new addition (Afton is three months old today!), a road trip to California in October, and my working a new job (as well as my wife finishing maternity leave and going back to work), it has been difficult to find time to blog and share about our outings in nature. I still have posts to put up about exploring during the summer with Patrick, and I have yet to put up any posts showing autumn as it came to Portland this year. I even lapsed on my regular thoughts and photos of the week! Bugger.

California-Oregon road trip 2012

I plan to start remedying this soon. Also, some fun things to share. A new aquarium opens in Portland (Milwaukie) in December. So many people are excited for this, and the aquarium has been having a lot of support and promotions through their Facebook page, giving away season passes and other goodies. That said, we won a birthday party at the aquarium, so Patrick will be spending his 7th birthday with the fishes! Also, we had entered a video into the Friends of Tryon Creek’s video contest, and we won! A cool prize package, but more fun than that is getting recognized for our love of local nature. Read more about that here.

Here are some pictures to share:

Catherine and Afton

Tree thinker

Flicker feather

Picking blackberries

Fir Grove Park


Island: A Story of the Galapagos

Fall on my windshield

Autumn trail at Tualatin Hills Nature Park

Walk at Holly Farm Park

No need to take down this picture!

Tryon Creek State Park in the fall

Tryon Creek State Park in the fall

California-Oregon road trip 2012

La Jolla Shores Beach, CA

Face Rock State Scenic Viewpoint, California-Oregon road trip 2012

Tryon Creek State Park in the fall

Halloween store

Halloween 2012

Sad pumpkin

Sweet Afton

Tualatin Hills Nature Park, Beaverton, OR

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2 Responses to Update

  1. Kim Silva says:

    He won the video contest? Hooray!!!

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