Monday thought of the week: a world outside of screens

A thought:

Just 20 years ago, children played out a lot more: 40% would regularly play in natural places. Now only 10% do. That’s why I’m trying to “market” Nature. The sales of outdoor play to children have fallen off a cliff while sales of screen content has soared. Disney and Nintendo have eaten Nature’s breakfast. They are well on the way to winning the battle, and making outdoor play almost unheard of. We have to do something to persuade ourselves and our children that there’s a world outside of screens that is rich, varied, stimulating, healthy and free.

– David Bond, British filmmaker working on Project Wild Thing, “Can We ‘Addict’ Kids to Outdoor Play?”, a guest post for Free Range Kids (December 4, 2012)

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1 Response to Monday thought of the week: a world outside of screens

  1. Justin says:

    Great thoughts and pretty much true.

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