Natural history talk from author of Terra Tempo

Craigmore Creations, the Portland publisher that brought out Right Where You Are Now (see this post), also has a series of time travel graphic novels for kids about geology and paleontology, Terra Tempo. I reviewed the second in the series, Terra Tempo, Vol. 2: The Four Corners of Time, for the Portland Book Review:

In the first Terra Tempo graphic novel, Ice Age Cataclysm!, twins Jenna and Caleb and their know-it-all friend Ari find themselves, with the aid of a special map owned by their adventurous naturalist uncle, time traveling into the Ice Age of 15,000 years ago. They came across prehistoric mammals and witnessed the grand Missoula Flood, caused when a gigantic ice dam burst and Glacial Lake Missoula (in Montana) drained, its gushing torrent flowing west and sculpting the channeled scablands of the Pacific Northwest. The trio saw that the flood’s waters had covered their home – present day Portland, Oregon. Author David Shapiro, illustrator Christopher Herndon, and colorist Erica Melville continue the time traveling adventures in The Four Corners of Time, bringing the kids through several older time periods represented throughout the American southwest. They pass out in the Cambrian because of low oxygen levels, meet early tetrapods in the Devonian, get chased in the Carboniferous by humans, dodge pre-dinosaur reptiles in the Triassic, and face the tyrant lizard king in the Cretaceous. Those humans, by the way, are men out to abuse time traveling for profit, seeking to steal the maps the kids possess. A lesson in geology and paleontology, the Terra Tempo series so far has proved that learning science does not have to be boring. It can be – and perhaps should be – an adventure!

David Shapiro, naturalist and author of Terra Tempo, gave a talk at the Tualatin Heritage Center on January 17. I took Patrick, and our friends Laura and Jasper were there, too.

Terra Tempo talk

Terra Tempo talk

Terra Tempo talk

Terra Tempo talk

Terra Tempo talk

Since I share links around for their books, David had a little present for Patrick: a plush Saber-toothed Cat, Smilodon. How nice!

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