Two reasons to vote Yes on Restore Our Natural Areas (26-152) in May

In May, Metro voters will be asked to vote on 26-152, the Restore Our Natural Areas levy. Previously passed measures have ensured the purchase of natural areas, but now funds are needed to manage them.

I’ll point you to an opinion piece by Mike Houck for why he thinks the levy deserves support, which was in response to a letter from a group of mayors who had concerned about how the levy would affect different cities involved.

For me, not one to necessarily know all the issues involved, offer two reasons to support 26-152:

Smith and Bybee Wetlands

Patrick at Smith and Bybee Wetlands in North Portland

Cooper Mountain Nature Park

Afton and I at Cooper Mountain Nature Park in SW Beaverton

If we want our kids to grow up having access to nature, we need to ensure that the natural areas in our region, of which Metro has many, are properly managed. The levy has a Facebook page, check it out!

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