Outdoor School for Everyone!

I just sent this email off to Rep. Chris Garrett (D):

Hello Representative Garrett,

I live in SW Portland, and my 7 year old son Patrick attends first grade at Markham Elementary School. As we hope to remain in Portland, he will be attending middle school in Portland, too. That is why I am concerned about the possibility of Outdoor School being a thing of the past in 5 years when he is in the sixth grade. I want that one of a kind experience to be there for him and his classmates.

I reviewed the book that was published about Outdoor School, Counting the Rings, for the Portland Book Review:

I also, as a parent, work hard to expose my children to the natural world (and blog about it, too!). And here in Portland and elsewhere in our state, we are blessed with beautiful places to explore, learn about our world, and be with each other. But I know that not all parents have the time to get their kids outside, or the motivation to do so. That is why I believe the role played by Outdoor School’s leaders, educators, and counselors is crucial. Everyone gets that opportunity. Everyone.

I want to encourage you to support House Bill 2516: “Outdoor School for Everyone.” You would not be doing it for me – it would be for Patrick, and farther off into the future, my daughter Afton, now just 7 months old.

Thank you.

Michael D. Barton

Find out ways you can Help HB 2516 here.

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2 Responses to Outdoor School for Everyone!

  1. Mel says:

    I volunteered as a counselor for 6th grade outdoor school in California when I was in high school and loved the experience so much that ended up taking a semester off college and working there. It was the intro to a 10 ish-year career working in environmental education. And it effects how I teach my kids. So, outdoor school doesn’t just benefit the kids that go! (We didn’t live in a district that had outdoor school when I was in 6th grade 😦 )

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