BOOKS: Two new nature titles from Dawn Publications look at bugs and gardening

Dawn Publications has released two new children’s nature books for the spring season. As the weather gets warmer, we start to see various insects emerge. You start to hear them buzz by, and see them on leaves. A few days ago while at a local park, Patrick found a really neat yellow and black beetle. I held it in my hand and held it up close so Afton could see it. Her immediate response was to open her mouth and attempt to eat it! It was rather cute. John Himmelman, whose”Nature Upclose” series I recommend (such as A Salamander’s Life and A Slugs Life), has a new book out: Noisy Bug Sing-Along.

Noisy Bug Sing-Along

Here’s the description of the book: “There’s a lot going on out there, and this book is a wonderful bridge to a whole noisy, busy world of insects. Learn who is making what sound, and why. In this book the reader is treated to scientifically accurate, up-close depictions of some very cool bugs. It explains why the bugs make the sounds they do, and how they do it—and it’s not with their voices!”

The colors are vibrant, and kids will have fun imitating the sounds of each insect. In the back of the book are some Noisy Bug activities, as well as more detailed information about each insect’s sound. A great book for a young entomologist!

Spring also brings the beginning of gardening, whether picking out native plants for your yard or planning what foods to grow for eating. In What’s in the Garden? by Marianne Berkes and illustrated by Cris Arbo, kids can learn all about various foods to grow.

What’s in the Garden

Each page has a four-line poem giving hints as to the vegetable or root or squash shown on the next page: can you guess what’s in the garden? Each illustration shows a child enjoying the flavor of the food they picked themself which, as we have seen with Patrick, really does work as a way to encourage healthier eating habits. Each page also includes a recipe for that particular plant. And, as is always the case with books from Dawn Publications, there is a wealth of information on the last few pages, great for parents to look over.

Perhaps a noisy bug or two will be heard while in the garden with your kids this year!

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