Wednesday photo(s) of the week: heritage trees

Today after school, I took Patrick to find some of Portland’s heritage trees. There are 300 total, but I just wanted him to see a few in our area of town, in SW Portland. Both of these can be found in the Multnomah Village area.


Portland Heritage Tree No. 245, Ponderosa Pine


Portland Heritage Tree No. 52, Japanese Cedar

Why were we looking for heritage trees? For one, it’s a fun thing to do! For second, it’s Arbor Month after all, and we’re participating in Portland Parks and Recreation’s Tree Steward’s TREEsure Hunt!

What is the TREEsure Hunt?

  1. Visit any of Portland’s 300 Heritage Trees
  2. Take your photo with any heritage tree
  3. Tag it with #pdxtrees, share it with friends, and post it to:
  4. Receive your TREEsure at the Arbor Day Festival on 4/20/13 at the Portland Farmers Market at PSU!

So, that’s what we did today! Catherine plans to take the kids to the festival on the 20th…


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