Monday thought of the week (belated): a more peaceful life for our children #playoutdoors

A thought:

The path through the woods is not the only route to mindfulness. And nature experience is no panacea. But our kids deserve a break. So do we. To create meadow memories that can last a lifetime, we can start by taking our children and grandchildren on a hike. We can help plant school gardens, rethink the environments of our neighborhoods, prescribe nature, and much more. Even as we debate gun control and a hundred other issues, we can create a more peaceful life for our children — and at least for a while rest in the grace of the world. We can do this.

– Richard Louv, “Peace Like A River: There’s a Time for Hyper-vigilance and a Time to Pay a Different Kind of Attention,” The New Nature Movement/Children & Nature Network, April 1, 2013

Our thoughts are with those affected by the horrific events in Boston on Monday, especially the family and friends of the eight-year-old who lost their life. Following the Sandy Hoook massacre in December, Louv wrote “Restoring Peace: Six Ways Nature in Our Lives Can Reduce the Violence in Our World.

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