BOOK: Vistas of Many Worlds: A Journey Through Space and Time

This is not a book specific to the Pacific Northwest, but I think it worth sharing here because it was published by an small astronomy outfit in Ashland, OR.

Vistas of Many Worlds: A Journey Through Space and Time, by Erik Anderson (Ashland, OR: Ashland Astronomy Studio, 2012), 128 pp.

“An engaging romp through the Galaxy!” Take a celestial journey with Vistas of Many Worlds! Explore the stars, encounter the past and future, tour planets beyond the solar system, and prepare for new discoveries with four easy-to-follow itineraries through space and time! Written in a brisk yet accessible style and vividly illustrated, Vistas of Many Worlds is an original approach to learning about our place in the universe and contemplating the vast possibilities beyond the frontiers of knowledge.

This is truly unique piece of science and art. Anderson has given us a wide variety of perspectives of the universe, showing us how stars, planets, and galaxies would appear from different vantage points, not just, as the title suggests, in space, but in time (in the past and in the future). The book also shares more than just astronomy and cosmology. There are also lessons in the Earth’s geologic history and the evolution of life, including human ancestors. Blending scientific accuracy with reasoned speculation, Vistas of Many Worlds: A Journey Through Space and Time is a science and art feast for the eyes and mind.

Here are some sample images from the book, more here.

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