What’s come between us? A discussion about connecting with wild nature, May 16

There’s a new Meetup group for nature lovers in Portland, called Nature Connection. The organizer is a naturalist named Cader Olive, and here’s his summary for the discussion on May 16:

Almost everyone I meet wishes they had a deeper connection with nature.  Either they have limited access to wild places, or time commitments that interfere with getting out there, or feel that fears or irritations or lack of knowledge are limiting their experiences.  This meeting will be a discussion of these common hindrances to feeling more at home in wild nature.  We’ll share our experiences, and talk about some effective ways to change habits, attitudes, patterns, and ways of seeing and hearing whats right in front of us.  Come and be a part of this time to enrich your own experiences in wild nature.

I won’t be able to attend, but it looks interesting!

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