BOOK: Flowers by Number (the first in the Little Naturalist series)

Flowers by Number by David Shapiro and illustrated by Hayley Vair is a new children’s book from Portland’s Craigmore Creations (Right Where You Are Now, Terra Tempo), published this year. It is the first in their “Little Naturalist” series, one I am eager to see the next title in, and the next, and the next…

Here is the book’s description:

Flowers by Number is a traditional number book – with a twist! Count petals, count parts or count the flowers themselves! Flowers by Number counts to ten while introducing wild flowers to the someday botanist or flower appreciator. From skunk cabbage to lupine, this flower journey has something for everyone from the playful youngster to the nature enthusiast. Entertainingly written, each page includes the common and Latin names of the flower, as well as some attributing description. The beautiful colorful illustrations are helpful in learning to recognize and identify the flowers.

While the book does not mention this, most of the flowers are native to the Pacific Northwest, and Trillium does make an appearance. However, one Latin species name for a flower is unfortunately misspelled (oderata should be odorata), and some may point out that using a Skunk Cabbage’s flowery stalk to represent the number 1 is erroneous because what appears to be one flower is in fact hundreds of tiny flowers (the same could be said of Yarrow for 8 and Lupine for 9, both of which consist of a collection of many flowers emanating from a single stem). Exact numbers aside, Flowers by Number is a fun and warmly-illustrated beginning to what I hope is a continuing series of books about natural history for young kids. Enjoy the sample pages below, provided by the publisher.

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3 Responses to BOOK: Flowers by Number (the first in the Little Naturalist series)

  1. Beautiful illustrations and it’s cool to see plants from around here!

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