BOOKS: Meet the Bugs & It’s a Bug’s Life

We like bugs. Anyone who reads this blog would not be surprised by my stating that. We also love books. Again, nothing new. How about books about bugs? That’s a no brainer!

Brian Johnson has written two very nice books about bugs. These are not narrative books, but straight up full-of-facts and great photographs kind of books. The first introduces you to about 25 different types of bugs:

Brian Johnson, Meet the Bugs (Chicago: Bright Connections Media/World Book, 2012), 32 pp.

How does a lightning bug light up? Why does a stink bug stink? What kind of spider lives underground with its own trap-door? Meet the Bugs introduces you to some of the most fascinating creatures in the world. Find out where they live, what noises they make, how they hunt for food, and how they sometimes help – and sometimes hurt – us.

The second book looks deeper into what bugs do on a daily basis:

Brian Johnson, It’s a Bug’s Life (Chicago: Bright Connections Media/World Book, 2012), 32 pp.

How did the rhinoceros beetle get its name? Does a centipede really have 100 feet? Can bugs learn things? It’s a Bug’s Life takes you into the world of the small creatures we call bugs. Take a closer look at how a bug is different from a spider and from a crab as you learn about the many colorful, fascinating, and sometimes deadly animals all around us.

Meet the Bugs and The Bug’s Life would be great additions to a nature library, which if you are wishing to raise an outdoor kid, having a collection of books about the natural world is a must.

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