GUEST POST: See the Birds during Fall Migration

This is a guest post from Ernie Allison. He writes about nature, particularly birds, in order to make a more environmentally conscious world for his grandchildren. You can check him out on Twitter and read another of his posts at Global Animal.


It’s autumn and that means it’s a great time to go hiking and see the many different species of birds migrating to the south through the Northwest. There is a really great bird migration forecast, put together by some very good ornithologists with meteorological data, which you can find online.

You can technically watch the migration passing through your own backyard. I like to sit in my garden with a hot cup of coffee, and watch them stop for refreshment at my decorative bird feeder. That is nice, but it’s not the same as leaving the groomed human habitat we create for ourselves and experiencing the huge movement of wildlife in its own element.

There are a few of migrants to look for this week.

The Red Tailed Hawk



(Image Source)

Red tailed hawks are currently migrating down from Canada and the colder parts of North America. Their peak migration is during November, so you will be able to catch a glimpse of one as the population in the Northwest swells.

The Western Tanager

(Image Source)

Western Tanagers are migrating out of their breeding grounds in Canada and the American Northwest toward Central America and are on the move now. These birds like it a little warmer and migrate north late in the spring, and south early in the fall, so don’t wait too long or you will miss them.

Wilson’s Warblers

(Image Source)

Wilson’s Warblers are small songbirds that breed mostly in Canada, but also in Washington, Oregon, Idaho, and a few other parts of the West. They have been migrating south to Central America for a while and will continue to do so until late October.

Go into the woods and look for these to brighten your week. Bring your kids, or your grandkids. It will do everyone some good to get out into nature where they belong.


Thank you, Ernie!

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