BOOK: Around & About Mount Hood

Next summer when Afton is less a baby and more a toddler, I’m hoping to explore some trails around Mount Hood. We’ve only been out to Timberline Lodge once, and have not explored anywhere around the mountain. This book published earlier this year looks like a great guide to trails for us to check out:

Sonia Buist, Around & About Mount Hood: Exploring the Timberline Trail, Access Trails, and Day Hikes (Portland, OR: Lolits Press, 2013), 120 pp. Illustrated by Emily Keller.

Previously published under the title Around Mt Hood in Easy Stages, this book has been completely revised and updated for 2013. Notable updates include hike route changes due to the 2006 washout of a segment of the Trail, new elevation charts, information about the effects of the Dollar Lake Fire in 2011, the inclusion of some photographs and additional Mt Hood lore. The Timberline Trail circling Mt Hood is one of the most spectacular hiking trails in the world. The 41-mile trail runs mostly at the timber-line and drops in and out of canyons carved by the rivers that flow from the many glaciers on the mountain. The highest point of the Trail is 7560 ft and the lowest point is 3200 ft. While many choose to backpack round the whole Trail, most choose to take day hikes. This hiking guide gives complete and easy directions for the day hiker who would like to hike up to and along the Timberline Trail and access the stunning views that the whole Trail offers. The book is organized into 2 parts: 8 segments that cover the whole Timberline Trail (except the section that is closed at present due to a massive washout in 2006); and 6 additional hikes that are mostly shorter but also provide access to the stunning views. Instructions for using car shuttles and car swaps to make the less accessible sections of the Trail work for day hikes are a major feature of this hiking guide. Each of the 8 segments of the Trail is also described in both the clockwise and counterclockwise direction to help the hiker decide which way to go.

You can view sample pages of Around & About Mount Hood here.

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