BOOK: The Pond

If you have a son or grandson who likes to read and loves being outside, this book might make a nice gift. It would too if you had a son who likes to read but does not like being outside, or who likes being outside but does not like to read. What I am trying to say is, this reprint of a classic youth novel from 1964 would make a great gift to a boy no matter what his tendencies.

Robert Murphy, The Pond (New York, NY: Overlook Press, 2013 [1964]), 288 pp. Illustrated by Teco Slagboom.

This inspiring tale about respecting and preserving animal and plant life, perhaps even more relevant in today’s climate than when it was first published, is finally back in print. Fourteen-year-old Joey spends his childhood visiting a beautiful back-country pond in Virginia. His humorous and heart-warming adventures in and around the pond, with the faithful dog Charley at his side, broaden his understanding of his place in the world and awaken in him a protective instinct towards all nature. In an era of climate-change debate and animal rights movements, The Pond delivers an important message to readers of all ages, at the same time never failing to delight.

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