Monday thought of the week: compassion for our fellow beings

A thought:

Watch children respond to a wasp or butterfly. Infants seem drawn to an insect’s movement and colour, often reaching out to touch it. They exhibit neither fear nor disgust, only fascination. Yet by the time they enter kindergarten, enchantment with nature has often been replaced with revulsion as many children recoil in fear or loathing at the sight of a beetle or fly. By teaching children to fear nature, we increase our estrangement and fail to satisfy our inborn biophilic needs. We sever the connections, the love that infuses our actions with compassion for our fellow beings.

– David Suzuki, The Sacred Balance: Rediscovering Our Place in Nature. 3rd edition (Vancouver, BC: Greystone Books, 2007 [1998]), p. 258.

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