Monday thought of the week: love tangled up in urban roots

A thought:

It has hit me just recently that we are indeed raising three little naturalists, three little animal lovers, in the middle of this very urban, human world. It is a different kind of naturalism, sure, a different kind of love, naturalism and love tangled up in urban roots, informed by an unfolding and deep affection for their city, their home. As the daughter of… a man who loved humans and nature, a man who would have given anything to live longer, to be around to witness these three little humans fall in love with the natural world that so inspired him and sustained him, I am both humbled and proud.

– Aidan Donnelley Rowley, “Mothering in the Urban Wild,” Center for Humans and Nature blog (December 9, 2013)

And speaking of mothers and December 9th, today is my wife’s birthday.

Happy Birthday, Catherine! Our children are so lucky to have you!


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