BOOK: Leave No Child Inside: A Selection of Essays from Orion Magazine

Newly published:

Leave No Child cover

Leave No Child Inside: A Selection of Essays from Orion Magazine (Great Barrington, MA: Orion, 2013), 139 pages.

“If we were to create communities and schools that educate children and youth to love the earth, know their place in the web of life, and act responsibly, what would they look like?” —Louise Chawla, from the Foreword

Nearly every environmental change-maker in history was shaped by a strong connection to the particular place or landscape he or she called home. But many children today are glued to screens or stuck prepping for another standardized exam, while nature education and unstructured time outdoors have fallen by the wayside. If children are not given opportunities to connect with the natural world, who will be the stewards of the future?
The authors featured in this collection (including John Elder, Belle Boggs, Richard Louv, Elise Rymer, and more) are part of an education movement that proposes a radical reconnection of children and nature through education. By doing so, they argue, we build a society of better citizens—citizens empowered to fight for the places and communities they have come to love.

This collection is available for purchase here for $12.

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