Raising Nature Explorers, my new column in Metro Parent magazine

A couple of months ago I was contacted by an editor from the Portland family magazine, Metro Parent. They were planning a new column for 2014 offering a parent’s perspective on various topics that would interest their readers (“Voices in Parenting”). They asked if I’d be interested in writing four columns about connecting children to nature. Um, yeah! And we’ll pay you, they said. Even better!

January 2014 issue

So, I am happy to share that the January 2014 issue has my first column, “Raising Nature Explorers: Outside Every Day.” You can read it through an online viewer (page 31), or as a PDF here.

Other columns will come in the April, July, and October issues. I am excited for this opportunity to further encourage parents to take their kids outside, as well as read other parents’ columns.

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3 Responses to Raising Nature Explorers, my new column in Metro Parent magazine

  1. Congrats, Michael. You set such a great example for parents and provide helpful information to encourage other families to enjoy nature. Thanks for spreading the word!

    • darwinsbulldog says:

      Thank you, Cheryl. I appreciate the comment!

      Looks like it was a good day at the refuge with the beautiful blue skies and sunshine bringing folks out. We had a busy day as well at Tualatin Hills Nature Park.

  2. Lisa Kendall says:

    There is no greater work for preserving quality of life for people and animals. Jaime Lerner took a ruined city in Brazil to a shining example of what good government can do. The foundation for this transformation was invovling children in leadership roles recycling and picking up garbage. He said that you must teach the children to love the city because if they do not love the city, they will destroy it. That’s what our generation has been doing. Love is the answer for sustainable biodiversity. Thank you Michael for teaching parents and children to care for and support our natural world, our only home.

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