Portland Children’s Museum seeks donations to complete Outdoor Adventure

In June of last year, I mentioned that the Portland Children’s Museum in Washington Park is building an outdoor playground in this post about nature play areas in the Portland area. The project is fully underway, and you can catch glimpses of its progress when you drive into the parking lots between PCM and the Oregon Zoo.

Outdoor Adventure, as it is called, “will transform more than 1.3 acres of previously inaccessible land around the Museum into an intentional, education-based, ADA-accessible outdoor play space.” There will be lots of different features included to get kids – and their parents – active and exploring with all of their senses, such as trails and ravines to scramble on, a creek to explore, a grove to spend time among the trees, and campsite for building with natural materials, and a meadow for quiet time in nature. There will also be a specific toddler area, as well as gathering spaces, a climbing tree, and an amphitheater.

I don’t know yet if Outdoor Adventure will be included with regular museum admission (update: it will be), or a separate admission. I am still not sure what to think about paying money to let your kids play outside, but it will allow kids to play freely and safely without violating any rules or regulations from any agency or reluctant parent.

That said, it will still surely be a fun place to spend some time! PCM, however, is still in need of funds to complete the project by April 22, and is seeking donations. If you’re able, you can donate here. There are incentives for donations of $100+ or $250+ (see here).

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