Snow Day in Portland

A snow storm has hit Portland!

Multnomah County Libraries are all closed for the day – and Catherine smiled. Portland Public Schools are all closed for the day – and Patrick smiled. And Tualatin Hills Park & Recreation District in Beaverton is closed for the day – and I smiled. We are all off for a Snow Day! This is the most snow we’ve seen fall in Portland since we moved here three and a half years ago. We joined some neighborhood friends of ours sledding on the hill at Jackson Middle School in our neighborhood in SW Portland. Patrick, our native Montanan, loved every second of it. Afton, on the other hand, at just 18 months, was skeptical about what all this cold, white stuff on the ground was.

As I post this, snow has begun to fall again. Birds in our backyard all look like little poofy feather-balls. And someone just went down the middle of our street on skis. Enjoy the snow!


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