Monday thought of the week: slow nature

A thought:

There are whole worlds in the layers of a forest, from gazillions of tiny microbes in the soil, to the massive, centuries-old cedars, hemlocks, and Douglas firs. But, you don’t need a pristine old-growth forest to practice Slow Nature. Most any natural area will do, even ones that have already suffered from invasive species. Slow Nature is not about pristine, it is about recognizing our fellow living beings: plants, animals, insects, and everything in between.

– Denise Dahn, “The Slow Nature Movement,” Denise Dahn, artist/writer (March 12, 2014). Slow Nature on Facebook.

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One Response to Monday thought of the week: slow nature

  1. Denise says:

    Thank you for spreading the word about Slow Nature!

    I just spent an unpleasant hour on Interstate 5, with cars and 18-wheelers weaving in and out of 75-mile an hour traffic, and I wondered once again, why would anyone want to speed through a natural area? We have plenty of speed in our lives. Natural areas are best for nature. Slow, beautiful, living, nature.

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