BOOK: Children & Nature: Making Connections

nature connections

George K. Russell, ed. Children & Nature: Making Connections (Great Barrington, MA: Myrin Institute, 2014), 144 pp.

Publisher’s description: This collection of 12 essays has been assembled out of a concern that many young people in America have little contact with the world of nature. The essays aspire to awaken in readers the wish to assist young people by guiding them to what lies outside their front door or in a local park or woodland, and that true nature experience will come to replace what is surely a powerful form of addiction, a dependency on text messages, e-mails and videos and a torrent of unreal, virtual images. A challenge stands squarely before us: How can we begin to address the malaise of indifference to nature so widespread among our young people?

Contributors and chapter titles:
George K. Russell, “Making Connections: The Need and the Challenge”
Richard Louv, “Leave No Child Inside: The Growing Movement to Reconnect Children to Nature”
Lowell Monke, “The Human Touch”
David Sobel, “Look, Don’t Touch: The Problem with Environmental Education”
Medicine Grizzlybear Lake, “An Indian Father’s Plea”
Scott Russell Sanders, “Tokens of Mystery”
Kelly McMasters, “Lessons of a Starry Night”
Pattiann Rogers, “Cradle”
Stephanie Hanes, “Toddlers to Tweens: Relearning How to Play”
Carolyn Jabs, “The Privilege of Gardening with Children”
James E. Higgins, “Words Full of Wonder”
Richard Lewis, “A Wilderness of Thought: Childhood and the Poetic Imagination”

Chapters (excluding the first) are previously published articles, one each from Education Next, Christian Science Monitor, and The American Scholar, while the other eight chapters are all reprinted from Orion magazine.

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