Monday thought of the week: the freedom of the day

A thought:

Children still long to experience the freedom of the day: I am convinced that the inclination survives, even if they aren’t given license to follow it. They want to confront the world on their own terms. They want to discover what “wild” means, and to find it for themselves. They want to play off-leash. Locked into Legos and mortared to Minecraft, they might need a nudge to get them out there. They might need their parents, or whoever is in charge, to encourage them, to trust them, and maybe to keep a loose on a on them from afar. And then, stand back! In the end, I put my faith in the kids themselves, and in my belief that, no matter what, they won’t let go of the world around us.

Robert Michael Pyle, “Free-Range Kids,” in Orion (Nov./Dec. 2014), pp. 49-55.

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