[Belated] Wednesday thought of the week: one of the greatest and most essential gifts

A thought:

People tend to think of time in nature as a terrific recreational option for kids, but well below homework, team sports, and music lessons on the priority list. Yet a meaningful connection with nearby nature is one of the greatest and most essential gifts that any child can receive.

“Dr. Scott” Sampson, “What’s All the Fuss About Kids and Nature?” Nature Rocks (December 11, 2014)

I am delighted to hear that Sampson, a busy paleontologist and host of Dinosaur Train on PBS Kids, has been named as the first Program Ambassador for Nature Rocks. Next spring, he will publish a book: How to Raise a Wild Child: The Art and Science of Falling in Love with Nature. I was fortunate to read a draft of the book – it’s wonderful, and I hope it gets into the hands of as many parents, educators, and mentors as possible!

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