Monday thought of the week: they’re not out there

A thought:

I think that one of the really sad things that’s happening with increased urbanization and the tremendous increase in human populations right across the Earth is that children are growing up out of contact with nature. They’re not out there, as I was as a child, with the grass and the trees, looking at little insects and things. I don’t really know what that does to the development of a child, but I’m quite sure it’s not mentally healthy. And I find it terribly sad, because I think children are losing their childhood.

– Jane Goodall, in the film Children and Nature: Awakening a Sense of Wonder (Foundation for Global Community, 1997, 26 minutes). You can view the film on Internet Archive, here. Goodall was just profiled in The New York Times, here.

goodall children nature film (1997 Foundation for Global Community)

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