BOOK REVIEW: In, by Nikki McClure & Portland book talk on May 30

Readers of this blog know that we love Nikki McClure’s artwork and books. Not only does she live and work in the Pacific Northwest, but her themes revolve around nature. She just published a new book, as author and illustrator, that really speaks to us.

Sometimes it can take a little effort to open that front door and head outside. There are things inside that are nice to do. But once that hurdle is overcome, being outside is wonderful. Nikki McClure’s In (New York: Abrams Appleseed, 2015, 36 pp) follows a young boy, accompanied by his toy giraffe, as a he plays on his own inside, outside, and then back inside again. She uses the words in and out throughout the text, and her papercut scenes of reading, splashing in puddles, and spotting owls at night capture the will of a child exploring and determining their own playtime.

In is a gentle reminder, as parents read to their own kids or kids read it on their own, that all is needed for play is one’s imagination and active bodies. No electronics or over-scheduled afternoons required!

NikkiIn2web_1024x1024 NikkiIn3web_1024x1024

McClure will be in Portland on May 30th for a book talk at Powell’s City of Books, at 4pm.

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