BOOK: Sharing Nature: Nature Awareness Activities for All Ages

Whether you’re raising your children to be outdoor kids, teaching students at a school, or instilling a love for nature through environmental education programs at a nature center, you’ve likely come across educator Joseph Cornell’s well-respected guides to nature connection. His classic Sharing Nature with Children, first published in 1979 and later editions undoubtedly well-worn in the backpacks of educators and parents, promoted a dynamic immersion in nature approach that was fun, not the static point and look and then move on style that had dominated environmental education.

Now, Cornell has published a new rewritten guide, combining the most favorite activities from the first book and a second volume, Sharing Nature with Children II.

Joseph Cornell, Sharing Nature: Nature Awareness Activities for All Ages (Nevada City, CA: Crystal Clarity Publishers, 2015), 216 pp. Foreword by Richard Louv.

Publisher’s description Sharing Nature with Children sparked a worldwide revolution in nature education. Now that classic has been completely rewritten, with many added new activities—and combined with Sharing Nature with Children II—to make a treasury of some of Joseph’s best-loved nature games for children and adults, in one complete volume. Essential, easy to use, Sharing Nature is nature awareness made simple, and an extraordinary resource for anyone who would like to get in touch with the land, trees, and mountains. Give a friend or a child an experience of Nature he will remember the rest of his life.

The book includes over 50 games and activities organized in four sections focusing on enthusiasm, attention, direct experience, and inspiration, using Cornell’s “Flow Learning” technique, which is “based on universal principles of awareness and on how we learn and mature as human beings.” The part of the book gives an overview of Flow Learning, while the various games and activities follow.

On Cornell’s website, you can learn more about his technique, view sample activities, and learn about his other books and upcoming events and programs.

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