BOOKS: Why Do I Sing? and Where Do I Sleep? board books


Spotted Owls in “Why Do I Sing?” (Andrea Gabriel)

If you’re a parent in the Pacific Northwest and you love children’s books, you just might have come across the lovely books by Jennifer Blomgren with illustrations by Andrea Gabriel: Where Would I Be in an Evergreen Tree?, Where Do I Sleep? A Pacific Northwest Lullaby, and Why Do I Sing? Animal Songs of the Pacific Northwest (all published by Sasquatch Books in Seattle). I reviewed Why Do I Sing? for the Portland Book Review in 2014, and I wrote:

For each species, Blomgren provides rhyming text to convey to the reader a sense of the animal’s appearance, its habitat, and, as the title suggests, its song. The meadowlark sings “in the brightness of day, on a fence near a sweet-smelling field of mown hay” while “in the soft evening hush” a Red-Winged Blackbird sings “with a voice clear and lovely, from a green cattail rush.” Humans are included at the end as animals that sing, a welcome reminder that we often forget how we are connected to the natural world in incredible ways. Some of these animals live elsewhere, too, and for that reason Why Do I Sing? can be enjoyed by families far beyond the Pacific Northwest.

Now you can get two of these – Where Do I Sleep? and Why Do I Sing? – as board books.

9781632170194  9781632170200

Personally I think they work better in board book format, and they’d make a great gift this holiday season for the little one/s in your life.

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