A walk at the White Oak Savanna in West Linn

This morning my son and I joined park advocate Roberta Schwarz for a stroll through a newer park in West Linn, the White Oak Savanna. Lots of time and dedication from Roberta and a horde of volunteers went into making this into a 20-acre public natural area rather than what it was destined to be: a space for office buildings. Roberta explained to us all the work put into restoring the site (removal of invasives, planting of natives), trail work, etc. – along with discussing plans for future development, including an ADA-accessible trail, the daylighting of a stream, and a nature play area (yay!). We enjoyed our soggy hike, stopping to look at different fungi, chatting about kids and nature, and picking up trash along the way. It was a beautiful place even on a dreary and wet late fall day like today; I can only imagine how nice it is in the summer with a stunning view of the Willamette River looking south from this Oregon White Oak-laden hillside, which is an incredibly easy stop off I-205. Thank you, Roberta for showing us around, we’re always happy to check out a new natural area. Enjoy the photos!

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Learn more:

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OregonLive: Local nature activist continues restoration efforts in West Linn’s White Oak Savanna

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