30 Birds to Know in Portland


30 Birds to Know in Portland/30 Aves Para Conocer en Portland is a deck of flashcards for beginning birders (printed in Portland). The 30 species represent those most commonly seen in the Portland region, such as the Great Blue Heron, Northern Flicker, or Osprey. The front of each card shows an illustration by Esther Forbyn (of Portland), the species name in English and Spanish along with its scientific name in Latin, and the bird’s length or wingspan. The reverse side of each card provides a description of the bird (in English and Spanish), including places where they can be seen and what time of year.


The purpose behind creating the deck, says Forbyn, is to raise awareness about climate change, biodiversity, and conservation. If people learn about their local nature and appreciate it, then they are more likely to be concerned about environmental issues. These flashcards are more accessible to young people interested in birds because they show birds they are likely to see where they live, rather than using a more comprehensive field guide for a larger geographic region. And providing the flashcards in a bilingual format invites the Spanish-speaking community of Portland to engage in exploring the nature in their backyards.

For every deck of flashcards sold, one will be donated to a youth or low-income Portlander.

The deck costs $20. Click here to order one for yourself, a family member, or a friend!

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