Interview with Metro

In the winter issue of Metro’s Our Big Backyard, I was interviewed for an article about nature and health. Check it out! (online article here; the whole issue PDF includes more photos, pp. 3-5)


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2 Responses to Interview with Metro

  1. Hi Michael —

    I saw your article in Our Big Backyard and wanted to let you know that my team at Friends of Trees is inspired by your efforts. I manage the Volunteer & Outreach Program at Friends of Trees and wanted to drop a line to say that if ever a group or any individuals from PDX Kids in Nature are looking for another outdoor opportunity, it would be wonderful to partner with you.

    The quick info on our community planting events: Friends of Trees plants trees every Saturday October – April at dozens of sites across the Portland Metro region, and many of our sites are in parks or natural areas. We welcome families to all our events, and recommend the events for children age 6 years and up (all ages are welcome, we simply see youth age 6 and older being able to more fully enjoy the event). Friends of Trees provides gloves and tools (in kids sizes too!) as well as expert guidance at all our events. We also offer breakfast snacks and coffee/hot chocolate to get everyone fueled up for planting!

    In case you’d like more information, please don’t hesitate to let me know. And if this isn’t a good fit for your family or group for any reason, no problem at all. It’s simply wonderful to see families recognizing the benefits of being outdoors on their physical and mental health. A round of applause from our group of nature-lovers to yours!


    • darwinsbulldog says:

      Hi Jenny! Thank you for your kind words, and for reaching out. I don’t lead any group activities with other kids, just my own. But I love helping spread the word to other families. Feel free to join my Facebook group “PDX Kids in Nature” ( and you can post there when you have a planting outing you would like to promote. 🙂

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