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VIDEO: Columbia Gorge geology

This is a fantastic overview of the geologic history of the Columbia Gorge!

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VIDEO: Nature is everywhere — we just need to learn to see it – TED Talks

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Monday thought of the week: hope

A thought: I fear I will always be a poor and bumbling naturalist, forever in the awkward early stages of a relationship with nature. But perhaps there’s hope for the next generation. – Nathanael Johnson, reflecting on exploring nature with … Continue reading

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REVIEW: Nature Play – Take Childhood Back documentary

Do we need another film about connecting children to nature? There’s Play Again, Nature Kids, Project Wild Thing, The Land, and some others I am sure. Will yet another film lead us in the direction we hope for our kids? … Continue reading

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“Nature Dad” on Nature Kids Radio

I am very delighted to have been interviewed for Nature Kids Radio from the Nature Kids Institute about connecting my kids to local nature, how science fits in to my family’s nature explorations, our Children at Nature Play signs, and my … Continue reading

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BOOK: Welcome to Subirdia & lecture video

Connecting to nature is most easily accomplished by simply hanging out in one’s own neighborhood. Traveling distances to local natural areas, state parks, or national lands might bring you the opportunity to encounter interesting wildlife, but one’s own neighborhood hosts … Continue reading

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Monday thought of the week: they’re not out there

A thought: I think that one of the really sad things that’s happening with increased urbanization and the tremendous increase in human populations right across the Earth is that children are growing up out of contact with nature. They’re not … Continue reading

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Monday thought of the week: ready to connect

A thought: [My son] is so content just exploring, touching, listening, watching, feeling wind through his fingers. He’s utterly instinctive in his core routines of nature connection–as all my children have been since this age. In fact, I have yet to … Continue reading

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VIDEO: Encounter the everyday wilderness: Lyanda Lynn Haupt at TEDxRainier

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VIDEO: The Quest for the Holy Snail

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