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BOOK REVIEW: Grand Canyon by Jason Chin

I have yet to visit the Grand Canyon. My family and I have visited many of the familiar national parks of the west, but so far not this miles-wide chasm in Arizona. After reading the new children’s book Grand Canyon … Continue reading

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BOOK REVIEW: Whatever the Weather: Science Experiments and Art Activities that Explore the Wonders of Weather

I am delighted to see this book come to fruition. For perhaps a year now I have been following the authors’ blog, Twitter, and Facebook page/group Mud Puddles to Meteors, as well as one of the authors on her own Instagram. They … Continue reading

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“Nature Dad” on Nature Kids Radio

I am very delighted to have been interviewed for Nature Kids Radio from the Nature Kids Institute about connecting my kids to local nature, how science fits in to my family’s nature explorations, our Children at Nature Play signs, and my … Continue reading

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BOOK REVIEW: Water is Water: A Book About the Water Cycle

Water is water, in all three states of matter: ice as a solid, liquid water as, well, a liquid, and water vapor as a gas. But there are many more ways of experiencing water, as shown beautifully in a new … Continue reading

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Monday thought of the week: natural-born scientists

I’ve shared this thought before, but since yesterday was Carl Sagan‘s birthday (November 9, 1934–December 20, 1996), I felt compelled to share some words from him again. A thought: PT: You’ve said that when you were growing up you didn’t … Continue reading

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Monday thought of the week: get out of their way

A thought: I’m often asked by parents what advice can I give them to help get kids interested in science? And I have only one bit of advice. Get out of their way. Kids are born curious. Period. I don’t … Continue reading

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Monday thought of the week: curiosity-driven science

A thought: Cutting off fundamental, curiosity-driven science is like eating the seed corn. We may have a little more to eat next winter but what will we plant so we and our children will have enough to get through the … Continue reading

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Some shots from a visit to the Oregon Museum of Science and Industry

This visit to OMSI was in mid-June (photos). Great exhibit on natural disasters (but photos were not allowed inside): We watched an awesome planetarium show about the evolution of life:

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Photos from the Transit of Venus viewing party at OMSI

On Tuesday, when I first saw the dark silhouette of Venus moving across the Sun – transiting, if you will – I tweeted: When this celestial event next occurs, I will be 139 years old or so. Patrick, 111. Our … Continue reading

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BOOK REVIEW: Marco the Molecule by Rick Reynolds

Marco the Molecule: Water Adventure and Activity Book is the latest educational workbook by Rick Reynolds, a Portland educator who works to connect children to nature through Engaging Press and Engaging Every Student, LLC. In 2010, he published The Evergreen … Continue reading

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