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Monday thought of the week: this sense of connectedness

A thought: The notion that all life on earth, including us humans, share a common ancestor billions of years ago, is a wonderful thought. A salamander we spy on a damp trail following rain is a distant cousin of ours. … Continue reading

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BOOK REVIEW: How to Raise a Wild Child, by Scott Sampson (and giveaway)

Last year I had the fortune of reading a draft of a forthcoming book about connecting children to nature. Geared toward mentors – be they parents, teachers, or other adults in a child’s life – this book captured for me … Continue reading

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My third column for Metro Parent about kids and nature

The July issue of Metro Parent magazine contains the third (of four) of my “Raising Nature Explorers” columns. This one is titled “What Does It Mean To Be Connected to Nature?” and I share several ways that we feel connected … Continue reading

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Monday thought of the week: a warm and trusting connection

A thought: What, after all, do parents owe their young that is more important than a warm and trusting connection to the Earth that accounts for our evolutionary history? – Theodore Roszak, The Voice of the Earth: An Exploration of … Continue reading

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Monday thought of the week: reading introduced me to nature

A thought: When people ask me what experiences made me want to be an environmental scientist, I usually think first of adventures with pets, shell-collecting along Dublin’s strands, maintaining the aquarium with my father, and much later, the college summers … Continue reading

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VIDEO: Scott Sampson offers insightful strategies to “plug in” to the natural world

In April, my friend Scott Sampson talked about children and nature for the annual Allen L. Edwards Psychology Lecture Series at from the University of Washington Department of Psychology and the University of Washington Alumni Association.

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BOOK: Vistas of Many Worlds: A Journey Through Space and Time

This is not a book specific to the Pacific Northwest, but I think it worth sharing here because it was published by an small astronomy outfit in Ashland, OR. Vistas of Many Worlds: A Journey Through Space and Time, by … Continue reading

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BOOK: Connecting with Nature: A Naturalist’s Perspective

I grew up in California, and in my high school biology class I remember having used Peterson Field Guides when out at Walnut Creek Park for field trips. One of those field guides – A Field Guide to Western Reptiles and … Continue reading

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BOOK: Right Where You Are Now

Patrick and I attended the book launch party (pics) at Powell’s Books in Beaverton for Right Where You Are Now (website), written by Lisa Montierth and illustrated by Ashley Burke, and published by the Portland outfit Craigmore Creations in 2011. I shared the … Continue reading

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Marshall Park on a nice summer day

Marshall Park is embedded within the West Portland Park neighborhood in SW Portland, that, along with the nearby Maricara Natural Area, seems like an extension of Tryon Creek State Park. Marshall Park is in a canyon, that, according to the … Continue reading

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